Private Residence,
Minnetonka Minnesota

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This residence was designed on a long thin lot with streets on three sides. The lot had a group of beautiful mature trees at the west end and was open rolling grassland over the balance of the lot. Our clients were a professional couple with no children. They required office and storage space and display areas for a collection of art. Our design goals included creating a very open plan with most living space on the main floor. A guest bedroom, studio, craft shop, and office were located in the lower level. The floor plan and fenestration were designed to minimize certain site-related privacy issues and at the same time take advantage of available sun angles, long views to a city nature park, and the existing trees to the west. The design permitted the use of large window areas for private views into gardens, woodland, and park, but used overlapping walls and vegetation in strategic areas to provide screening from vehicular traffic at the street corner. There is a hill planted with large white pines surrounding a neighboring house located just to the south of this lot. These trees greatly reduced the available natural southerly sunlight and the location of the adjacent house created a visual privacy concern. Our design solution uses a central vaulted clerestory that provides natural light from all direction without sacrificing privacy.

The selection of materials help to anchor the home to the site. Stucco and limestone are used both inside and out and add a depth of texture in contrast to the polished wood and granite interior finishes.